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KayaKid Surf Paddle

Sold worldwide since 2016 with its distinctive teardrop-shaped oar blade in divisible carbon and kevlar version. Now it will return to its roots as a Greenlandic paddle should be.

In the paddle world, there are many around the world who today paddle with KayaKid the year I designed in 2015, and where the oar manufacturer Gearlabs liked the idea and began in 2016 to produce this in Carbon and Kevlar which sold well all over the world. Now, a few years later, they are still sold the years designed by me but with a new name and without my consent made me choose to withdraw from the vein manufacturer and am now working to continue the popular year under its proper name and in a new suit.

The KayaKid paddle is designed for use in surfing and rock jumping, but is also well suited for touring.

With its special 75m long teardrop-shaped sharp paddle blade with almost 11cm blade width, there is a lot of speed to be gained, good steering draws and not least braces in extreme conditions. It is also somewhat shorter than a standard Greenland paddle and was designed from a length of 200 cm but retained the same shaft size. This is to adapt it even better to surf, rock jumping and more as the oars do not go too deep, is easy to maneuver and as a bonus there is room on the deck outside that it protrudes outside the kayak.

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KayaKid Surf åre
200cm (50cm skaft)
205cm (55cm skaft)
210cm (60cm skaft)